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5 Truths That Affect your Credit Score

We have been in the market for 10 years, and we specialize in rectifying any adverse or incorrect information that negatively affects your credit.

You should know that your empirical is a status or report of your personal and credit information. It reflects the chronological history of all your positive accounts, public reports, inquiries, collection agencies, and adverse accounts such as losses, arrears, bankruptcies, repossessions, among others.

If for any reason your score is affected, we can help you improve it, but it is important that you know the 5 truths that affect your score.

1. Multiple inquiries
Applying for loans frequently, over a two-year period, lowers your score, as each processed application counts as an inquiry.

2. Adverse accounts
Losses, arrears, bankruptcies, student loans, taxes, liens, repossessions, etc.

3. Excess of obligations
Having more than 35% of your salary committed to payment obligations also affects your score. If you overdo it, you directly affect the empirical, and you could be referred to as a high-risk customer.

4. Be a co-debtor.
When you give signatures on loan applications, even if you are not the main debtor, the creditors apply the same responsibility to you. It means that you have the same obligation to pay in case the principal fails and, therefore, compromises your ability to pay.

5. Possess minimal or no debt
If you do not have debts, the report also affects you adversely since there are no variables to measure your score.

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